The goal-oriented money app that makes it easy to fund your future — while taking care of your now.


Qapital  is  the  leading  personal  finance  app  committed  to  helping  everyday  people achieve their goals. Founded in 2012 by George Friedman and Erik Akterin,the platform leverages  behavioral  economics  to  bridge  the  gap  between  intention  and  action  when  it comes to money management by making saving as seamless and enjoyable as spending. The app’s goal-driven approach encourages users to save for things they aspire for, like a vacation,  wedding,  or  down  payment  on  a  home,  by  turning  everyday  habits  and  guilty pleasures  into  opportunities  to  save –without  even  thinking  about  it.  Qapital  is  also  the only  personal  finance  app  that  employs IFTTT  (If  This  Then  That)technology, allowing users save money by using their favorite apps, such as posting a photo to Instagram or reaching  a  target  on  Fitbit.  Based  in  New  York  and  Stockholm,  Qapital  is  funded  by investors   including Northzone, Industrifonden, Anthemis   Exponential   Ventures, Rocketship VC, EntréeCapital, and Velocity Capital.