Icelandic Bank Is First To Provide Customers With New Carbon Footprint Tracker

This morning, Icelanders woke up to hear whether Mount Keilir had erupted, following several days of intense seismic activity measured near the volcano 30 kilometres south of Reykjavik. Nature and the environment are inescapable in Iceland, so it’s not altogether surprising that today an Icelandic bank becomes the first to offer customers a new, highly accurate carbon footprint tracking tool on its mobile banking app, developed by Icelandic banking solution company Meniga.

“Our customers see climate change high on their list of concerns,” says Birna Einarsdottir, CEO of Islandsbanki, who appears quite unfazed by erupting volcanoes. The bank is already offering green mortgages, loans and other products, but Einarsdottir says it wanted to do more at an every day level for its retail customers.

Meniga’s API tools will show the precise carbon footprint for each transaction, and how a customer’s carbon profile will vary depending on the nature of their expenditure.

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