LeasePlan Bank improved its online savings operation by implementing Five Degrees‘ Matrix platform

LeasePlan Bank has successfully improved its online savings operation, implementing Five Degrees’ Matrix digital banking platform. Matrix serves as a single intelligent platform, delivering security, reliability and ease of use for all LeasePlan Bank clients as well as flexibility and instant compliance for the Bank.

Agility is key
In order to be fully prepared for future customers demands, regulations and business needs, LeasePlan Bank decided to transform its online saving operation. Schuberg Philis (LeasePlan Bank’s managed hosting provider since 2009) strongly supported Five Degrees’ Matrix as the most viable option to enable this transformation. The combined power of the agility of Matrix, the versatility of the Sitecore interaction environment implemented by Iquality, and the 100% reliability of Schuberg Philis’ cloud platform and their application integration role, contributed to a successful and fast transformation. Currently, LeasePlan Bank is strategically positioned as a professional, flexible digital bank and fully equipped to offer excellent service to their continuously growing client base. Matrix’ agility has already proven its value by powering LeasePlan Bank’s recent German market entry. This digital platform enabled LeasePlan Bank to configure a brand new, locally compliant savings operation in a matter of weeks.

Henk Jan Flierman, Director Operations & ICT of LeasePlan Bank:
The Matrix digital banking platform provides LeasePlan Bank with the functional requirements to offer our clients optimal service, while creating operational efficiencies and flexibility too. Activities like, for example, on-boarding new clients, processing transactions and adapting client data are easily and efficiently managed. The dashboard provides a full 360° view of all information about each client as well as direct access to all related communication and documents. The platform empowers LeasePlan Bank to deliver quality, transparency and flexibility to our clients and to continually release compelling new services in step with client demand. One of the most valuable advantages of the system is the easy adoption of (new) services or applications.”

Martijn Hohmann, CEO of Five Degrees:
Five Degrees is excited to be LeasePlan Banks trusted IT partner. The Matrix digital platform enables LeasePlan Bank to execute their strategy effectively. We are pleased to be part of this project to support LeasePlan Bank. Furthermore, this is yet more proof that banking wants to change, and has to change. We are proud to be among those leading this transformation.”