Don Montanaro


Fintech founder, CEO, and venture capitalist skilled at helping founders recognize opportunity while navigating the highly-regulated financial services environment.


Don is an entrepreneur who has walked in the founder and CEO’s shoes. Having built and successfully exited two retail brokerage firms in the U.S., today Don operates on a global scale as a mentor, investor and Board member.

At the forefront of retail trading and investing since its pre-internet infancy, Don often embraced breakthrough technologies to meet investors’ evolving needs, transforming the modern retail brokerage experience while balancing the reporting and risk management requirements of a highly-regulated industry. Don oversaw the first use of artificial intelligence to manage client interactions in financial services, invented and patented a unique method of options trading, and was the first regulated FinTech CEO in the world to interact with clients publicly via social media.

As co-founder and CEO of the online brokerage firm TradeKing, he was responsible for charting the company’s business course and overseeing the firm through tremendous growth, up through its successful sale to Ally Financial (NYSE: ALLY) in 2016.

Before co-founding TradeKing, Don was founder and president of SureTrade, Inc., an NASD (now FINRA) member brokerage firm and a subsidiary of Quick & Reilly and later Fleet Financial. Under Don’s leadership, SureTrade grew to be one of the largest global online retail brokerage firms in the late 90’s and early 00s.

Don earned his J.D. from The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law and his B.A. from the University of Notre Dame.